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HDR technique from Alex Koloskov

I think I found recipe for a perfect and eye-catching HDR:
1. Time: Dusk, about 5-10 minutes after sunset
2. Location: City view, with street lights on. It can be any type of landscape, but artificial lighting will make photo interesting
3. Sky: some clouds is ON
4. Something should be moving fast, like cars or water. Better If it has its own illumination (like cars)
5. Calm air: everything which supposed to be still (like trees) should not be shaken and blurred on the photo.
6. Shoot it with long exposure so everything which moves will create motion trails.From a technical standpoint, shooting at dusk you need to have at least 3 exposures: one for a sky, one for bright stuff on landscaping, one for dark areas.Example is below, enjoy and share🙂

Alex Koloskov and Genia larionova , learn more about our HDR techniques at: http://www.realistichdrbook.com
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