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la magia del tilt-shift

Tilt-shift is a popular style of photography that has increased in popularity in recent years. Taking pictures of images from a height or at a distance gives the illusion that large subjects are small and toy-like.

We realise that tilt-shift lenses can be expensive, so we’ve provided a tutorial on how to fake a tilt-shift effect using Photoshop Elements. Why not try it out for yourself? In the meantime, we’ve put together a gallery of 27 of our favourite tilt-shift photographs, some of which were created using Photoshop.

Mini Matterhorn © Coolbiere A.

Toy Eiffel Tower © Mohammed Khalil El Mahrsi

Port of Singapore © Lucas Keene

Tiny Airport © Vladislavs Punculs

Prague – Charles Bridge Fake Tilt Shift © Paul MacKinnon

Israel Railways II © Vladimir Popov

Toy Trains © Laimonas Ciunys

Calm © Victor Eredel

Lil Raft © Max Spiker

Living Inside Me © Omid Jafarnezhad

Toy Moscow © Sergey Prozvitsky

Toy Beach © Maxim Solodov

Rural Landscape © Meriol Lehmann

Metro TS © Alexandra Petrova

He’s Coming To Town © John Campbell

Small Switzerland © Sebastien Buchy

Mini Bridge © Christian Steiner

Paris Panorama as Tilt Shift © Mersud Huskic

Alesund © Morten Rodahl

Tilt-Shift Empire © Robert Fielder

Paris © Masha Rubtsova

Blue Ridge Shift © Jason Rinehart

Heidelberg © Murucutu

Toy City: Minsk © Lex Mikhayloff

Play Houses © Jared Eckert

Tilt-Shift © Nikita Grach

Tiny Abandoned Farm © Robin Mayoff


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